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In the not too distant past, Filling Homes’ residents were transported, 4-5 people at a time, 45 minutes each way to another facility to do something they now enjoy doing on a much more regular and frequent basis thanks to the Filling Homes’ Therapy Center.

Previously, Filling Homes’ residents’ only opportunity to experience the benefits that come from heated water therapy came at a cost. Visiting another facility with a pool cost Filling Homes for rental and more preciously, time. Taking enough personnel for one on one staffing and enough vehicles to transport everyone for hours at a time was quite a commitment of resources. In 2006, that all changed when Filling Homes opened its doors to the Hanson Therapy and Aquatic Center. The Therapy Center, officially named after two residents, Tim and Chris Hanson whose parents were major contributors to the cost of building the center, is situated directly behind the Filling Home located on State Route 108 south of Napoleon.

In the 10 years since it’s opening, the Therapy Center has had widespread impact in the lives of Filling Homes’ residents as well as the lives of people throughout the Henry County community. It facilitates the healthy lifestyles of more than 100 people who have annual fitness memberships and either hosts or provides a variety of fitness classes. Water aerobics sponsored by the Henry County Hospital are hosted here, and Arthritis Association sanctioned therapy sessions are offered here as part of a pool membership. Many community events such as the annual Hope Services Soup Challenge and the Henry County Christmas Cheer program take place in the Gymnasium and the gym is also the designated home of the Northwest Ohio Homeschool Cougars teams. In addition, other local schools as well as Henry County’s Special Olympics, use the gym for practices and games.

The gym and pool are available to rent and have hosted many, many birthday parties; scouts, churches and youth group activities; and family get-togethers and holiday parties.

From individual and group fitness to small gatherings to large community activities, the scope of Filling Homes Therapy Center has grown over the years positively affecting more lives than was ever imagined. 

After many years of praying, dreaming, planning and fund raising, the Activities Center and Therapeutic Pool was completed in August of 2005.

The therapy pool allows for all individuals who receive services from the Filling Homes an environment for individual or group aquatic therapy services and activities. Mechanical lifts allow for accessibility in and out of the pool for individuals with mobility needs.

The Activities Center or Gymnasium, allows individuals to participate in many activities such as adapted sports, indoor biking, movie nights, and arts and crafts. Social events, such as dances and holiday parties are also held in this area. The gymnasium is also used for staff trainings, meetings, and various other activities. The Activities Center has allowed the Filling Home's Ladies Guild to sponsor their successful Fall Fling and Festival of Tables.

In addition, this area also houses offices and therapy space for Filling Homes physical, occupational, speech, and recreational therapists.

On October 16, 2006 the Hanson Family made a very generous donation to the Filling Homes and the official naming ceremony of the Christopher A. Hanson Aquatic Center and the Timothy R. Hanson Wellness Activity Center was held.


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