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Filling Home's main campus is a 56-bed ICF/MR (intermediate care facility) for persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities who require a high level of support services. Located two miles south of Napoleon, OH on State Route 108, the main campus covers 25 acres surrounded by rich farmland. The resident's reside in one of eight living areas consisting of four bedrooms and two bathrooms surrounding a living room. The eight living areas all have patio's off the living room and surround an interior courtyard with a gazebo. The campus also includes a Therapy Center with therapeutic pool and gym, a Habilitation Center, Chapel, adaptive playground, corporate offices, and maintenance facilities.

Filling Home's goal is to assist each individual to reach their greatest level of independence. Through an extended "family" of staff, Filling Home provides individuals with services that most people can obtain or provide for themselves, from the basics of food and shelter to education, training, therapy, adaptive equipment, and spiritual guidance. We provide the resources that each person can grow and develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to their greatest capacity.

Our staff family covers every facet of an individuals needs. Speech, physical, and occupational therapists, behavior specialist, resident assistants, nurses, dietician and dietary personnel, properties, housekeeping and laundry, a full time chaplain, habilitation techs. and more provide the support system necessary to fulfill our mission. Regular visits by medical specialists, hair stylists, dental clinic, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers are a few of the services we provide.

Our residents range in age from 4 to 72. Some go to school, some go to our HAB Center, others go to the Senior Center. No matter what age or degree of disability, we strive to provide a home and family center for each resident. We work, shop, play, pray, and dine together as family.


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