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Group Homes

Filling Homes provides services in Williams County to individuals in a group home setting (ICF/IDD) in both Bryan, Ohio and in West Unity, Ohio. The home in Bryan was established in 1984 and the West Unity home opened in 1986. Each home houses eight residents and provides care to residents ranging from mild to profound intellectual disabilities. Filling Home provides each individual with comprehensive nursing services and coordinates these services in conjunction with their own primary care physician and/or specialists in the community. They also receive non-medical services and supports coordination from a qualified intellectual disabilities professional as well as having access to all of the professional services offered at the main campus.

In the group homes, just like at our main campus in Napoleon, we provide twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week care and the level of service depends upon the individuals' needs. It is our commitment to provide the highest quality of services that will ensure a person's health, safety, and well being with the greatest degree of independence.

The residents living in these group homes participate in community events and support their community like anyone else. They work in their community, attend church in their community, have memberships at the local gym, go grocery shopping at the grocery store, stop by other stores to pick up a few things, attend events like fairs and parades and any other events that might inspire their interest. They participate in local activities that they want to be part of as well as having the advantage of utilizing services and participating in activities coordinated and held in Napoleon.

Filling Homes mission is to assist individuals to reach their greatest level of independence in a caring community of respect, dignity, and partnership. The residents living in these group homes benefit from both local community involvement and even broader community involvement through our Napoleon campus!