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Aquatic Therapy

Filling Home residents benefit from the use of our large, warm therapy pool. The therapy pool:

  • helps muscles to relax and joints to move more freely
  • increases peripheral circulation
  • reduces edema
  • reduces the effects of gravity
  • promotes deeper breathing
  • increases sensory awareness
  • increases muscle strength
  • may slow movements sufficiently to improve balance, motor control and coordination of body movements.

Multiple ways to access the pool are provided: stairs with railings, ceiling mounted lift used with slings, deck-mounted chair lift.


While in the pool, the residents work on:

  • swimming or pre-swimming skills
  • weight bearing/walking abilities
  • integrating their senses through the sensory input provided by the water
  • relaxation through the use of specific aquatic techniques
  • engage in a variety of sports and games
  • complete muscle strengthening exercises
  • practice skills that can be transferred to land
  • have fun!
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