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Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy at the Filling Home of Mercy utilizes a wide range of techniques and programs to improve the emotional, sensory, physical, and leisure needs of our residents with varying disabilities. Interventions provided by Recreational Therapy include, but are not limited to: adapted sports, recTherapy
community re-integration outings, creative arts and crafts, music, sensory activities, gardening, cooking/baking, and social programs such as parties, special gatherings, and holiday events. Our goal is to provide meaningful leisure activities and lifestyle pursuits to promote independence in life activities, build confidence, and maintain the highest level of motor, social, and cognitive functioning.


Through the Recreation Program, Filling Home residents are also involved in events coordinated with the Henry County Special Olympics, the area's Senior Networking Group, and the Northwest Ohio Activity Professional's Group.


The Recreational Therapist with the assistance of Residential Direct Support Staff(DSS) is dedicated to maintaining an atmosphere that empowers residents to reach their goals and experience an enjoyable life. Recreational activity participation contributes to a healthier mind and body and results in a more fun and satisfying life for those we serve with special needs.