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In Memory of Richard B. Evans

After the passing of her beloved husband, Richard, Judith Evans made a big decision. The van she had purchased with her husband to accommodate his mobility needs was more vehicle than she now needed after, so she decided to gift it to Filling Homes. She very generously signed over the title and handed over the keys.


Vehicles like the one Mrs Evans donated are exactly what is used for transportation for Filling Homes clients who use wheelchairs, and they do not come with a small price tag. Filling Homes' need for adaptive and non-adaptive vehicles is an ever-growing challenge as the individuals served choose to live, work and play throughout the community.

A gift like this one from Mrs Evans will positively impact the lives of so many people, who will have better opportunity and more convenience to travel in and out of town for doctor’s appointments, recreational trips, household errands and the list goes on, because of it. It is hard to express in words the gratitude we have for a gift of this magnitude, but thank you Judith. Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated.